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What is the Sheffield Hospitals Lottery?

Sheffield Hospitals Lottery is a weekly lottery established by Sheffield Hospitals Charity set up to raise money to help fund improvements to NHS hospitals and health services delivered in the community across Sheffield.

Who’s involved?

Sheffield Hospitals Charity (SHC) is the official NHS charity for the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust and Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust. SHC is an official charity regulated by the Charity Commission. Our registered charity number is 1059043. SHC will promote the lottery and receive the benefits from all proceeds.

Capen Ltd is an External Lottery Manager (ELM) licenced by the Gambling Commission, licence number 000-036257-R-317724-007. They will operate the lottery on a weekly basis on behalf of SHC.

When does the draw take place?

The Sheffield Hospitals Lottery is a weekly prize draw, taking place on Saturday each week.

What are the prizes?

Each member is assigned a unique 6-digit ticket number. To win, the ticket number must match the draw, in the correct order. Prizes for members include:

Prizes up for grabs every Saturday

Match all 6 numbers – win £25,000!

Match first or last 5 numbers – win £1000

Match first or last 4 numbers – win £100

Match first or last 3 numbers – win £10

Second Chance Super Draw

If you are a regular player you’ll be entered into our Super Draw each month. Match 6 numbers for a second chance to win £25,000 for you and £25,000 for Sheffield Hospitals Charity.

Monthly Bonus Draw

Every month you will also be entered into a bonus draw to win a special prize. From 14th January the bonus prize will be an indulgent short break for two in a choice of UK locations.

 How will I find out if I have won?

Results are published on the lottery website and all winners are

notified by Capen Ltd.

How will being a member of the lottery benefit patients?

Each member who plays will purchase an entry into the weekly lottery at £1 per entry. All profits will improve the care and treatment of patients in Sheffield. To find out more about areas that have been funded visit or call us on 0114 305 2780.

How is it regulated?

Sheffield Hospitals Charity is registered with Sheffield City Council under the Gambling Act 2005 and is a member of the Lotteries Council. The named promoter of the lottery is David Reynolds, Director, Sheffield Hospitals Charity, Sheffield Hospitals Charity, Wycliffe House, Northern General Hospital, Sheffield, S5 7AT.

The Sheffield Hospitals Lottery is operated by Capen Ltd, an External Lottery Manager (ELM) licenced by the Gambling Commission, licence number 000-036257-R-317724-007.

Isn’t this encouraging problem gambling?

Our lottery is a small society lottery and designed to be played for fun. The maximum number of entries the Charity will promote through any of its recruitment channels is three entries per week (£3). Checks will be in place to identify anyone seeking to increase this by making multiple applications through multiple channels.

The Charity is a member of the Lotteries Council, which commits us to promoting responsible gambling, and which invests in programmes and schemes to reduce problem gambling.

What about vulnerable people?

Policies and procedures are in place to identify and protect vulnerable people through all our recruitment channels.

How is the lottery promoted?

New members will be recruited in the following ways:

  • Promotional literature. Distribution of membership leaflets will be available at events, through the Charity or in public areas. New members can use these forms to complete their details and send them back to the Charity for entry.

  • Online recruitment. Players can sign up online and play by direct debit at

  • Door-to-door recruitment. We currently have a small team canvassing our local area, door-to-door, to sign people up to our weekly lottery. People can call the Charity on 0114 305 2780 to confirm that this is the case.

How do I make a complaint?

If you are unhappy with any aspect of Sheffield Hospitals Lottery please contact the Charity on 0114 305 2780 or email